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Almond Tree Flowers

One Hour Session

In this dynamic session using cards, mediumship and clairvoyance we will delve into what is happening in your life. Plenty of time for questions and discussion.


Country Field

Past Life Regression Session

In this one and a half hour session you will journey back to at least two significant lifetimes as you endeavor to know the origins of issues in this lifetime and with the people and circumstances on your current life path.


Learn to Read Cards

Learn to read cards for yourself and friends. In these lesson series you will learn which decks to use to answer particular questions, different spreads and how to use multiple decks to get more detailed answers.

Packages of:  

      3 sessions            125

    5 sessions            200

    7 sessions            265


Half Hour Session

This half hour session gives us a good snapshot of what is going on in your life. Time for questions.


Hand Touching Water

Mentor Program

This program is for anyone looking to develop and strengthen their psychic ability. We all have it. It's like a muscle that needs to be focused on and pushed in order to build it. Individual and group sessions available



Subscriptions are for people who would like to have a more ongoing connection with me and receive messages on a regular basis. The following card pulls are specifically for you: They are delivered via WhatsApp so you can have the card pictures and my explanation to keep.

1- Card per week with a quick explanation via WhatsApp to start your week.   9.99/mo

3 -Card Spread each week with brief description to start your week.                      12.99/mo

Full 5 -Card Spread with detailed description each month with 3 -overarching cards as a bonus. This is a once per month subscription and includes a chance for you to respond through WhatsApp. I will follow up with clarification  as time allows.