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Almond Tree Flowers

One Hour Session Basic

In this dynamic session using cards and clairvoyance we will delve into what is happening in your life. Plenty of time for questions and discussion.



Half Hour Session

This session is a quick way to gain insight into what is happening in your life - a little past, current and future information and of course time for questions.


Premium Session

This is the session most people choose when they want to delve deeper into all areas of their life. In this session, through cards, mediumship, clairvoyance and numerology I will show you a full picture and blueprint for what is happening and leaving you feeling more empowered about where to go next. You will learn your Life Path Number, Your Personal Year Cycle and more. 


Learn to Read Cards

Learn to read cards for yourself and friends. In these lesson series you will learn which decks to use to answer particular questions, different spreads and how to use multiple decks to get more detailed answers.

Packages of:  

      3 sessions            125

    5 sessions            200

    7 sessions            265

Hand Touching Water

Mentor Program

This program is for anyone looking to develop and strengthen their psychic ability. We all have it. It's like a muscle that needs to be focused on and pushed in order to build it. Individual and group sessions available


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