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"Hi Caroline - I am so happy I found you! Thank-you for my reading yesterday. It was so wonderful to hear from Joe and to know that what we are doing on behalf of his daughter is encouraging. "Don't Compromise" is what you kept saying. Now I know I will NOT!  That was an amazing reading. Thank-you."

 - Melissa K, Northbridge, MA

"Caroline - Thank-you for my reading yesterday. To say you hit the nail on the head is an understatement. Thank-you for validating everything I have been wondering and feeling. You are amazing."

BH, Upton, MA

"It's such a blessing our paths crossed when they did. You have helped me tremendously spiritually.  You always reassure me to keep the faith and to listen to God's voice inside us all. Much love to you Caroline."

- Jacklyn, Austin, TX

"Caroline - I saw 11:20 on the clock 3 times again - just like you said. I kept hearing the bird outside my window the day of Matt's services. And after  the burial, my son said Matt was whispering in his ear all day.  Thank-you so much. You don't know how much you've helped me."

-Yamil N,  RI

"Literally just got a raise! Omg - you just told me yesterday and I didn't know what you meant. My boss just told me she forgot to update me - unreal!"  Thank you for all you've done for me over the years! Oh and the dentist you kept telling my Mom about cracked us up. When she got back from her reading last month she mentioned it to me. I had just called the day before for an appointment but their earliest opening was in 6 months. They called right back with a cancellation and I got in that morning!"

LK, Westborough, MA

"Just wanted to thank-you again, Caroline.  The information you gave me is life-changing."

Leigh L, Uxbridge, MA

"Caroline -Your reading on 2/18/18 was amazing! My father and I are meeting on May 5th - he has Alzheimer's and is asking for me. We have not spoken in 15 years. He is the Don you  mentioned, LOL. I feel so relieved and hopeful that seeing my father will heal our hearts.  Thank-you for all you do."

-Linda T, Clayton, CA

"To be honest, I was nervous about coming here today.  Growing up I was taught that this was just wrong. I know differently now. Thank-you so much. I feel hopeful again. Can I give you a hug?"

-NC, Milford, MA

Thanks so much Caroline! I really enjoyed our meeting and can't wait to do it again.  A lot of things you said are now coming to me.. The poke.. You mentioned that... That was PAT! He used to do that!  I want to see you again because I need to connect with him again.  I was overwhelmed a little bit. I had too much time to think about it that day.   But now I know what to expect.  My tears and emotion kind of made me choke a little when it came to him... I couldn't ask the questions I wanted to ask.. Next time I want to tell you the story about how he died and what is going on....  Keep those tissues close, haha. 

      Do you think we could arrange another meeting?  I can throw out some afternoons that would work in the next couple of weeks.   I also want to do a party.   

Thank You!  

Molly, Medway, MA


Hi Caroline - I just want you to know that I have come so far spiritually and  emotionally since my first reading with you in October.  You have changed my life. I can't thank you enough. - Kelly B. Hardwick, MA


Dear Caroline,
Thank you so much for all you have done for me tonight. If Stew contacts you in the future please let me know and we will come for another reading. You have brought me some' peace" I am very grateful just pondering on what I should be waiting for lol .... He should have been more specific if he meant the house improvements lol
thank you 
God Bless.
Deb A - Chepachet, RI

Hello Caroline. I hope you are well. I am still in awe after my beautiful experience with you last week. My heart is content and I feel so much more relaxed. I briefly spoke with you about scheduling a group reading for myself and 5 of my coworkers. We are ready to schedule 😊 You mentioned you would be able to accommodate an early afternoon group during the week possibly on a Wednesday. Is this still an option? If you could send me some available dates and times that would be wonderful! We are so excited. Thank you Ash M. - Worcester, MA

"Wow. You are amazing. This is exactly what I needed. Wow... I'm just speechless. I didn't really know what to expect.  I've had readings before but not like this.  Thank-you." - Donna at Winsmith Village Shops

Good Morning! Okay, so when you mentioned a religious item like rosary beads that belonged to Kitty, I had no idea what you were talking about.  Tonight when I got home I went through the things I have of hers.  I don't even remember this...but here it is - the cross and beads you described - her pocket rosary.  THANK YOU! - Kate M.  Westboro, MA

"Hi Caroline - I know we just saw you an hour ago but my head is spinning. I still cannot believe the things that you said,  I have no idea how you do what you do, but I'm very happy that I found you!  I have always wanted to have my cards read but was a little nervous about what I would hear. I actually tried to make an appointment with someone in Boston a month ago  and then again last week but something always got in the way.  Now I  know why.  I was supposed to come see you.  Boy am I happy I did.  I just listened to the recording again and I'm just in awe and I am now very excited about my future.  I cannot thank you enough for giving me hope again. You are incredible."

Christine and Alyssa - Providence, RI

Caroline!  You are amazing!  All my guests had such great readings last night. I woke up  this morning with such calmness, hope and peace of mind.  I never have that.  EVER! Truly amazing.  You were spot on with so many things. I really didn't expect that.  I would love to take your classes sometime. Please let me know when they start.

- K. Blare, Barre, MA

"Caroline - I really cannot believe the reading you did for me.  On point!  All of it.  Where did you come from? I can't believe I haven't found you sooner.  Thank-you for sharing your amazing gift. I'm going to be sending some friends your way."

-Party Guest Barre, MA

Hi Caroline - Thank-you for planning last night's event with Strong Eagle. What an evening of messages and music!  I was truly transported to other places and went home with peace in my heart and mind.  You are a special person. Thank-you again!

E.M.  Worcester, MA

Caroline - I had my court date today  regarding child support and custody and everything you said was correct.  I felt better going in knowing what you had said in our session.  But when I came out to my car there was a giant grasshopper on my car. He let me pick him up and hold him.  I heard you saying, "Look it up! It means something. Everything does,"  Yes, I guess it does!  Thank-you for reminding me that I am not alone!

Jaena T. Woonsocket, RI - Student from Intuition Class

"Caroline - You were right about my meditation!  The 2 -dimensional people I saw are about learning something or an encounter with something new and unfamiliar. I looked it up when I got home from class.  Thanks so much!

K.O. - Grafton, MA


"Good Morning Caroline! I can't believe - this is my life!? I'm so happy and grateful and I can't even express it in words. I pulled out my vision board from your workshop and there it is; Bride To Be and New Mom! I didn't put twins on there but you pulled the Blessings of Abundance card and said - twins.  AMAZING! I can't go without  saying thank-you for trusting in me when I was at a low point.  Thank-you for showing me this path of gratitude and trusting, trusting, trusting this journey.  THANK-YOU CAROLINE!  Love you! You are one-of-a-kind spectacular!"        -T Sanford, Massachusetts

Mentor Program


"Hi Caroline - OMG - I am sitting here stunned and you are the first person I'm telling! I can't believe this...  You saw me doing speaking work in front of a large crowd and I thought it had to be for my dissertation a year from now.  You said it would be for work and suggested I go look for a great outfit.  Ha!  I just got a call from Chris ( and yes, he orchestrated all of it as you said ) and our team is going to be presenting to a huge audience at a conference next month. I'm blown away.  I cannot wait for the rest of what you told me to come true!  THANK-YOU for sharing your amazing gift! -  Linda T. -Ojai Valley CA



"Caroline- I know we just got off the phone and you're with another client but I looked up the people from the other winery you mentioned.  They do look like they are in their 30's and they have horses!  Also they have a 5-star rating for their weddings.  Thank-you again!" - Cheryl M. - Trabuco Canyon, CA

"Thank-you, Caroline.  You have created a space for your students that we all look forward to. We realize how busy you are and we really appreciate that you still make time for us. I wish I could visit every day! " - Student from Intuition Development Class

 - Student



"Hi Caroline - Thank you for today, it was amazing. My mother who is the eternal skeptic is absolutely glowing. My aunt and my daughter can't stop talking about your visit.  And thank-you for helping us connect with Kevin and Brian and figuring out who Stanley is !  Incredible.  We can't wait for next time!

Tina and Brenda - Whitinsville, MA



"Caroline, Thank-you for helping all of us during this  very difficult time.  It's very  healing and  it gives us all so much hope.  Thank-you again,

Melinda B. - Pittsfield, MA


"That was the most relaxing evening I've had in a very long time."

"You create a very comfortable and loving space for us at your workshops. Thank-you. Caroline! "

 " Oh my gosh, my friend is completely smitten with you and this group you've gathered.  She wants to come back like -tomorrow!"

"I know you hear this all the time but Thank-you for guiding me when I need it!  You are amazing and so, so special!"  "Caroline - That experience after our meditation was truly unbelieveable.  I cannot believe *baby's name * came through.  I was so close to her family but I never had the pleasure of meeting her until tonight.  I am looking forward to communicating with her again to find out why she connected with me.  I feel so blessed. Thank-you.  Your classes have changed my life. "

 "Thanks for the positive energy tonight.  It was truly uplifting. "

-From An Evening of Mandala Coloring / Meditation


Thank-you, Caroline! You are so wonderful!  Hearing from my Dad is so appreciated.  I am missing him so much but I know he is around me.  You have helped my family so much. In the summer when you did our reading, you said something about an insurance policy.  We didn't know about one at the time and were super surprised when we found out Dad had one through work.  So much of what you said came true.  I can't wait for Christmas to be with the family and share all the new info with them!  I'm also looikng forward  to the signs you told me to look for. You are the best!

Kacey B.  Austin, TX


Thank-you for my reading Friday at the party.  I've had readings before with other people but yours was really on point and I look forward to my next session with you.  How much time do you recommend between readings?  I have been telling everyone about you.  I know a couiple of people want to book separate parties .  I told them how busy you are but perhaps after the holidays  you will have an opening.

 - L. O. - Hopkinton, MA


"Good Morning Caroline! First, I want to say that I am very pleased with my reading!  I have to admit I left with a new attitude and feelings of hope and confidence.  Thank-you.  I would like my younger daughter to come see you because I think she would listen to your guidance.  You have a gift for sure.  Do you have gift certificates?  I would like to get one when I come to class. I am very excited about that too. I wrote my letters to Archangel Chamuel and St. Anthony and I'm finishing my vision board the weekend.

C. Cormier, Northbridge, MA

"HIi Caroline - I had a dream! You said it woud come before Christmas....I can't believe it and everything was so real - like really REAL!  I am so happy.  You said my life was going to change once I believed and I do.  I really do and I can't thank you enough!  God Bless!"

Student from Intuition Development Class

"Caroline - Bob is out of the coma and in recovery.  I really thought I was going to have to make the decision to take him off life support.  You were right on - as usual.  He has a long road ahead of him and I hope it really is a new beginning for him like you say.  The kids are very relieved.  I do hope it's the rock bottom like you mentioned. God bless you."

Diana M - South Dartmouth, MA


" Thank-you, Caroline. You are an amazing and special person.  I am so comforted to know Coors is still here.  When you said you saw him in a blanket and peaceful in the baby's room, I knew.  I know for sure he is with us. We wrapped him in the blanket before we buried him and the baby's room was the last room he was in.  We did everything we could to make him stay just a few more weeks until the baby comes but it was his time. You saw this in the reading you did in June.  In fact a lot of the things you said have happened.  I feel so much better now.  Thank-you,

Tammy G - MA



" Hi Caroline - Before I found you and your gift I never thought I really had a purpose as sad as that sounds.  Thank-you so much for your insight and your gift.  You are amazing and coming to class is the highlight of my week.  I know other people might not understand but I accept that.  This has been what I've waited my whole life for.  A year ago, I never would have thought I would be doing this work.  It all happened sort of by accident ( but I know there are no accidents ).  I'm just so grateful.

- Michelle S. Grafton, MA


"Hi Caroline - I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed our classes and thank you for accomodating our group!  You really opened my eyes to how far I have come.  I think I was feeling held back by the others but you pushed me and it was what I needed.  Thank you for that.  I am going to actually check out the yoga studio 2 miles from me which I never thought of before your class. I think it's what I need.  Until we meet again :)


Lauren W - Millis


"Caroline, I can't tell you how much being in your class has changed everything for me.  Truly - I am so much more centered and trusting that everything happens when and how it should. I always knew there was more to life than we've been taught and to be in your class has really confirmed that!  You are amazing.  Thank you for sharing your gift with me.

T. Brenn - MA


" Hi Caroline -I hope you don't mind me updating you on my reading. I  don't want to  bother you because I know you are busy but  WOW !  Everything you explained about Venus in retrograde is spot on.  Everything from the dates to the conversations and the feelings - all of it.  I'm blown away.  And you kept insisting on the new child.  Well I took my 2 year old son to a farm to see some animals and when we got there we saw a little baby with his parents and my son says, "Oh look at that tiny baby. I'm going to have one of those soon. "  I asked him if he was going to have a baby and he said, "Yes, but it's going to come out of your tummy."  I asked him when and he said, "After the snow time."   I was speechless! You are right - he delivers messages, for sure.  Thank you again for all of the insight.  I definitely want to take your class in September.  Let me know the dates and cost!"

 And I can't wait to read your book!

Jaena T. - Woonsocket, RI



"Caroline!!  Thank you so much for guiding me and teaching me.  It's crazy how  much has changed for me since I started your classes.  Thank-you and thank you, Spirit!  I never thought I could be happy again after losing Lily but I am  - like REALLY HAPPY! THANK YOU!"

T Martinez  - Millbury, MA



"Oh, I could hug you right now and wish I could!  I can't believe how much you have helped me in just this half hour.  Next time, I am coming for a full hour - you're so worth every penny. God bless you."

TD - Massachusetts



Thank-you for today, Caroline!  We thoroughly enjoyed your visit and readings.  You told me one of my messages was about a whale and I had no idea what that meant but you told me to be open and pay attention.  Tonight when I put my baby to bed and turned on her mobile I realized after a few moments that it was playing whale sounds!  I guess this means we have our loved ones around us and they want us to know they are here.  I don't even have words right now.  Thank-you!

Jenn K. - Oxford, MA



Caroline - I am so excited to work with you!  I wish I could be around you all the time.  Lol... I just can't wait until our first session. XOXO

Tina M. - Framingham, MA



Hi Caroline - I  hope you had a great weekend. I am  interested in continuing classes with you if you have a spot available. I am loving the class. I also wanted to let you know that you had predicted something good was going to happen this weekend. regarding a message .and it did. My cousins' bridal shower was this weekend and my Nana showed up in a beautiful rainbow in the middle of a blue sky. It was a wonderful and emotional moment for all of us:) Thank you for sharing your gift. It is amazing :)


Tina B  - Hopkinton,  Massachusetts

Caroline - I feel like ever since I had my reading with you, everything is showing up!  All the signs you told me about, I'm noticing. You told me to watch for lemons.  I had no idea what you meant but  two days later when the bartender put half of a lemon on my drink ( he NEVER garnishes drinks ) I knew it was the sign. And what happened after that was were spot on!   Thank-you!

Jenn D - Upton,  Massachusetts

OMG Caroline!  I met him!  The guy you described to a T!  The hair, the shirt, the tie and the smoke.  He's a smoker!  Oh he is amazing!  Thank you for sharing your gift!


JG - Worcester, MA


"Caroline ! I have so much to tell you!  I'm not sure if it's through your teaching to my Mom but I've had such an intuitive year!  Thank you so much  for that.  I've been practicing with my cards with my roommate and I think she may be the one you said I needed to help  when you did my reading.  Also, the "Retreat" card you pulled - that represents me and my year of healing.  Thanks for listening and I can't wait to explain more when I come home from school. I think about you a lot and and I love what Mom has to share with me about class.  I'm really grateful I - I feel like you opened a door for me and I feel like I've been able to free my soul this year so thank you for being part of that."

- Olyvia K.  Phoenix, Arizona



Hello Caroline - I have to share this with you!  Noel called last night and said that he will be performing on David Letterman in two weeks with his friend's band!  You told me during my reading that you saw him on late night can't make this stuff up!  Amazing sh**!  Thank-you!


Cathie Chounard, Grafton , MA




Thank you for last night's meditation, Caroline.  Even though I have a lot to work through that moment released so much heartache.  It was incredibly moving.  

Nancy D. - Hopkinton, MA




     I know who that spirit was you mentioned after our meditation last night.  It hit me this morning!  She is that tall, slender, wavy haired helper who was running to each of us to help us get those balloons tied and off over the ocean. That IS  her physical description and also her energy description -- running to each of us, helping us, and reinforcing how silly these fears are! 


I'm so happy she was with us during that meditation! 


Thank you for sharing!  

Student from Intuition Class




THANK YOU Caroline!! My daughter loved meeting you and got a lot out of the reading. It was just what she needed.


I really appreciate you making yourself available this week to read her. It was really important! I know she will go back to school with new confidence and hope for a future.

Meanwhile, my son and my honey want to do a reading with you too -- no rush for either of them and we'll all know when the time is right. But just wanted to let you know and eventually get them in the queue. 

Thank you again so much. You have made a big difference for us!

I'm going to start your book over the holiday.


Have a wonderful celebration.


WK,  Massachusetts


Hi Caroline,


I wanted to thank you again for an amazing reading and to tell you about a few things that have happened. I listened to my reading again last night. Like I said I have this thing that I look things up and try to find the connections. I looked up Sophia last night. You mentioned that she was one of the two spirits that are with me. I found this link. She is said to be the spirit of wisdom. Do you think this could be her? The other is my Dad. You talked about him being with Dan at football and how he is behind him. This is Dan’s first year in football so as a freshman he has been a bench warmer for the last two games. Yesterday Dan had a game. I put it out into the universe saying please let him play more than one play. He player almost the entire game and I know it was my Dad and my spirit guides that helped make that happen.


I wanted to let you know that you have helped me to see things in a better light the last few days.

Please keep me posted on your next class. The paperwork you gave me says Nov. 26th but it would be great if you have an earlier class starting. I am very anxious to get started !  

Sue O. -  Marlboro, MA



Hi Caroline.   I would like to thank you again for your visit and help and encouragement today.  After you left, I paid more attention to what time it was, and I feel that I would like to give you more.  So when I see you next, I will do so.  

You are so blessed and have an amazing gift.  

Thanks again. 

Joanne H.- Hopkinton, Massachusetts


Meeting Caroline was no accident, but truly a gift of Spirit.  Her gentleness immediately awakened a sense of trust and her guidance offered much comfort and clarity.  I've always left our sessions with a heightened awareness and greater sense of peace. Whether it's a personal reading, spiritual development class or other workshop, Caroline provides an empowering experience for those seeking clarity of direction and purpose and/or those who have experienced the loss of a loved one or other life-altering event.  Like Alexandra Trenfor says, "The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don't tell you what to see."  This has been my experience of Caroline.  Thank you for your guidance, your warmth, your way of being.  Thank you for helping me in following my heart's calling.  I'm so grateful that our paths have crossed.    - Kathleen O'Malley, author



Several months ago I faced complex crossroads - either road would lead to life altering results. I turned to Caroline for guidance, despite my reservations.  Within minutes I believed Caroline was able to transfer information from my grandmother who passed away just a month before with precision and delicacy.   Most personal information was used to verify the accuracy, things that nobody could've known - private info that my grandmother and I had shared,  In addition, she read my ards each  leading to a path that I was driven to take before the visit but had questioned time and time again.  Caroline's abilities provided me with a direction and unexpected hope for change that would drive me to a better understanding of my family, my surroundings, and my purpose.  I highly recommend Caroline to anyone interested in experiencing this emotional yet surprisingly accurate opportuniity.

- ND, Massachusetts


I stumbled upon Caroline by accident but realized that it was one of those moments you know was meant to be.  I was going through  major life changes and I wanted assurance that my choices were good ones.  A little nervous to ask about my late mother directly, I was making this strictly about my job change.  Yet there she was with all her messages and humor!  I had asked for a sign as I clutched my necklace - her last gift to me.  During the reading Caroline held her hand out to me and said she was being shown a pearl.  There were pearls in my necklace. Around that time, the Mother card came up. Yes, my mother.  At another point she said my mother was holding out flowers - pink roses - a sign of friendship and love - my mother and I were best friends. My mother loved wild flowers and my color is pink. Caroline said the message from mom was that if we were born in the same time we would be friends. 

 SPOT ON!  Thank you Caroline for sharing your gift.

- K.imberly O, Massachusetts


Caroline is amazing at what she does!  This is not a job for her but a true calling.  Whether reading for someone or conducting a workshop, teaching classes or speaking to a group, she does it in a way that is both awe-inspiring and respectful.  Her approach involves truly connecting with the souls of all involved - always asking for guidance and protection and calling forth only information that is in the best interests of the people seeking her assistance.  She is mindful of individual belief systems and comfort levels in dealing with a varied clientele.  People hang on her every word as she speaks with both compassion and humor - she makes surreal situations tangible in a very comforting and reassuring manner.  Best of all, she reminds everyone that she is only the messenger, guiding each of us to discover our own answers by trusting and honing our own intuitive abilities.

- L. Stratton  Massachusetts



Oh my God, Caroline - Thank you so much for the guidance you gave me Tuesday!  I am shaking as I type this.  You said my husband was going to get a job sooner than we expected and we would be moving - far.  Today, he was offered a job in Austin, Texas and we will be there in a month.  Two years out of work had us feeling so down and out and your reading gave me hope and wow - you said soon but I didn't expect it to be THAT soon!  We just went to the furniture store to cancel our order as we will be traveling light. The woman asked us why we were canceling.  She said, "Oh!  I'm from Texas and I miss it.  I miss it so much I named my son Austin."  I  got chills Caroline because you said that I would be getting signs that would guide me.  That surely was a sign!  You also said my brother who passed was wearing a green polo shirt when you connected with him and you smelled a cologne.  I laughed on the way home from the reading remembering the cologne I bought him was Green from Ralph Lauren ( Polo ). Wow, you captured his personality as well.  Thank you again and God bless you for sharing your gift with me.

- Shawna R. - CA, NV, MA and now TX



Hello Caroline!  I was talking with my sister today about the reading you did for me yesterday.  We realized some of the messages you gave me were for her!  You asked if I was buying a new car or had a blue car - Sara just bought a car and it's BLUE! She is also getting a new roof put on her house and you had asked if I was replacing my roof. She also said she always tought our dad was guiding her younger son.  You asked who in the family was like dad because he is guiding him.  Thanks again for sharing your gift and energy Caroline!

- Ana R USVI


Thank-you for the beautiful reading today!  It was such a gift to be in your presence today!  I feel blessed that you would consider mentoring me.  I believe my gifts are meant to assist me in my journey and I feel you can shine the light for me. Thank you for your grounding presence in my life. I love working with you!

- Sue M,  Massachusetts


    Hi Caroline  - Thank you for making time for us yesterday.  I know how busy you are. It was just hysterical how much you reiterated what I was saying just the day before.  I couldn't believe my ears!  I know Michelle knows her mother is around and everything going on is her mother pushing her!  But to hear it from a stranger made her truly believe it.  What you do is nothing short of amazing and we are so grateful that you've decided to share your gift.  I love how you act like it's no big deal.  It is! It really is!  You are healing people everytime you sit with them the way you do - so casually and deliver messages with compassion and humor.  Thanks again.


AR - Meriden CT










Caroline - Thank-you for an enjoyable afternoon yesterday.  My family really enjoyed connecting with all you have to offer!  And I called my sister in NC - you nailed it!  The spirit in her house is of a little girl named Emily.  Wow!

 - JD,  Uxbridge, Massachusetts




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