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Waiting For Grace

Advanced Praise :

"Caroline Zani's WAITING FOR GRACE  is old -fashioned storytelling-sweet, sad, filled with head and heart -about the longing we carry to do the right thing."

-Jacquelyn Mitchard, NYT Bestselling Author of The Deep End of The Ocean

"Author Caroline E. Zani has produced a fascinating and highly thought-provoking drama ...

With this concept in hand, the prose flows really well, and the characters are drawn as if they spring straight from real life, facing deeply emotional encounters in the past and present, with common themes about human nature and what we seek for ourselves in the future. Overall, WAITING FOR GRACE is a complex but highly worthwhile read that is definitely recommended to fans of metaphysical and high concept drama."

-K.C. Finn, Reader's Favorite. 5-Star Review

"An intricately crafted novel."

- Kirkus Reviews


Eli Cranston, Esq. has fled his Los Angeles law practice, and every thing revolving around the broken legal system, after the loss of his wife and daughter. Thirty-four hundred miles away a new life was waiting; one in which Eli could find redemption, forgiveness, and a purpose if only he would allow it.

In a small white cottage by the sea, Eli quietly launches a new career in Forward-Life Progression—a practice which pushes patients past their traumas and addictions to build a new resilient existence, one they can work toward simply by knowing it exists.But what happens when a client sees a future that includes Eli?

Life on a farm in Bar Harbor, Maine, has its shortcomings, not the least of which is the promise of a long, cold winter, haunting Eli with unopened boxes and a pile of letters marked Return To Sender. But only here, where the light is surreal, could transformation take place. Eli finds Hope; caring for two rescue not-dogs, Ink and Smudge, a pregnant cat, and a salt-of-the-earth handyman, Clem — he sees his own new future. He finds comfort at the Farmers Mar- ket, not in the mysterious fire cider and blueberry-flavored coffee, but in the natural beauty of the owner of Full Circle Farm, Rebecca.Can he keep his secrets and move forward? Is anyone ever really allowed to leave their past behind completely?


Eli’s monthly visits to his idol, Dr. Otto Gunther, an eighty-six- year-old holocaust survivor, reveals a past life from this future-life expert that Eli was not expecting. As it turns out, everyone is look- ing for second chances, and waiting for redemption in whatever form, and however long, it takes.

Waiting For Grace is a testament to the beauty of connection and its ability to forge a path, where once there seemed to be none, showing us again and again that family doesn’t always share the same blood, but sometimes, the same heart.

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